Tori Kelly Admits Health Scare Came ‘Out of Nowhere’

Tori Kelly recently shared her experience of collapsing in a restaurant and being immediately taken to the hospital. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight prior to her concert in New York City, the “Nobody Love” singer elaborated on her hospitalisation in July.

She expressed her gratitude and emphasised not taking any moment for granted. She said, “Looking out in the audience and seeing all my amazing fans again has been keeping my spirits high.” The incident was unexpected. She felt slightly fatigued that day and noticed an elevated heart rate. While dining with her husband, André Murillo, she collapsed. She was then rushed to the hospital where they discovered blood clots.

Tori mentioned that she had no prior knowledge of what might have caused the blood clots, especially since there’s no family history of such issues. She described the experience as both frightening and confusing but also felt an “unexplainable peace” during the ordeal, believing that everything would be alright.

Currently, two months post the incident, Tori is on medication. She mentioned, “It seems like blood clots are manageable with medication and blood thinner, so that’s how I’m able to tour and kind of get back to my normal self.” Tori’s tour is scheduled to conclude in Los Angeles later this month.

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